Missing e Change History

+ indicates added features or functionality  
- indicates features or functionality removed  
! indicates fixes to bugs and issues

2.14.3 (2012-12-04)

! Fix wonky icons for Bookmarker sidebar buttons

2.14.2 (2012-12-04)

! Fix wonky icons for added sidebar buttons

2.14.1 (2012-11-12)

! Add minimum Chrome version warning

2.14.0 (2012-11-12)

! Move to new Chrome extension format
! Fix Ask Tweaks better answering functionality on Firefox
! Minor functionality fixes
! Fix avatar magnifier feature for follower/following pages
! Prevent ‘R’ shortcut key from opening manual reblog page when using Quick Reblog
+ Add option to show tracked tags in sidebar

2.13.8 (2012-10-11)

! Correctly position Safe Dash sidebar button before sponsored radar posts

2.13.7 (2012-10-11)

! Fix tag reblogging from post permalink pages
! Show blog selection in Quick Reblog drop-down on tag search result pages

2.13.6 (2012-10-11)

! Fix Goto Dash button on permalink pages

2.13.5 (2012-10-01)

! Fix issue with some Quick Reblog users experiencing failures

2.13.4 (2012-10-01)

! Fix issue with Quick Reblog menu not showing all blogs on secondary dash pages ending in “?lite”

2.13.3 (2012-09-28)

! Fix Safe Dash hiding for new Tumblr videos
! Fix issue with multiple checkboxes showing up for inbox/post mass delete feature
! Fix Reply Replies issue with some users unable to create reply posts for notes inside posts on the dashboard

2.13.2 (2012-09-26)

! Fix issue with Reblog Yourself adding empty/unusable blogs to posting drop-down with blogs using commas in blog title

2.13.1 (2012-09-07)

! Fix extra blog menu to show all blogs when reblogging from your own Tumblr
! Clicking magnifier on avatars in dashboard notifications no longer opens new tab

2.13.0 (2012-09-07)

! Fix styling issues arising from new Tumblr dashboard layout
! Fix placement of Mass Delete buttons
! Fix Quick (1-click) Reblog menu not showing blog selector drop-down
! Fix ability to reblog from one blog to that same blog

2.12.0 (2012-07-31)

! Fix for non-functioning Magnifier feature
! Reduce white space when wrapping tags

2.11.0 (2012-07-14)

+ Add X keyboard shortcut to enable/disable Safe Dash
+ Add option to display note count when hovering over posts in the Mass Editor
! Fix incorrect note counts in dashboard notification previews for other languages
! Additional fixes for post control icon alignment
! Fix Ask Tweaks tagging of anonymous messages

2.10.6 (2012-07-11)

! Fix spacing of queue post arrow controls

2.10.5 (2012-07-11)

! Restore move to top of queue arrow display
! Fix Smart Redirect issues for single-blog Tumblr accounts

2.10.4 (2012-07-10)

! Additional icon fixes

2.10.3 (2012-07-10)

! Fix post reblog button position for single-blog Tumblr accounts

2.10.2 (2012-07-10)

! Fix positioning of post control icons

2.10.1 (2012-07-10)

! Fix to allow tag-only posts
! Disallow commas and semicolons in Bookmarker default bookmark format
! Firefox: Fix reblog long text posts as text when reblogging from permalink page

2.10.0 (2012-06-29)

! Fix badly-formatted Quick Reblog drop-down menu

2.9.20 (2012-06-28)

! Fix problem with many users being unable to use Quick Reblog or Ask Tweaks advanced answering options

2.9.19 (2012-06-21)

! Fix issue with features not running on secondary following pages

2.9.18 (2012-06-21)

! Dutch localization corrections
! Fix counts in added sidebar
! Fix for Reply Replies in post notes

2.9.17 (2012-05-23)

+ Dutch localization
! Fix Reply Replies behaviour when replying to a post with no title beginning with a “Read More” break
! Fix toggling of new “Send to Facebook” icon when creating new posts
! Allow multiple quick reblogs of a single post without reloading
! Fix note count display for dashboard notifications of video posts

2.9.16 (2012-05-18)

! Add slimming to dashboard blog menu for slim sidebar
! Fix slim sidebar for new Find Blogs button
! Fix popup box close button alignment

2.9.15 (2012-05-14)

! Fix clickability of magnifier button on Tumblr crush avatars
! Fix Smart Redirect for single-blog Tumblr accounts

2.9.14 (2012-05-03)

! Correctly close extra settings tabs

2.9.13 (2012-05-01)

+ Add Portuguese localization
! Fix issue with automatic tagging of reblog posts not being added in some cases
! Fix problem with Facebook checkbox not showing up in Quick Reblog menu
! Move Safe Dash button above tracked tags for easier access for those with many tracked tags
! Fix issue with icons sometimes displaying on top of a Quick Reblog menu

2.9.12 (2012-04-21)

! Fix issue with ask box on dashboard not draggable
! Fix issue with sub-options in the setting page appearing disabled when parent option is enabled
! Restore functionality of tag-only posts feature
! Fix non-functional avatar magnifier on /following page
- Temporarily disable ask reblogging functionality

2.9.11 (2012-04-17)

+ Add smart redirect feature to redirect to where you saved a new post to
! Don’t treat text posts with title and no body as tag-only posts (by adding whitespace to the body)

2.9.10 (2012-04-17)

! Remove unnecessary alert box when posting an empty post with tags using the Tumblr Rich Text Editor

2.9.9 (2012-04-17)

+ Add always-on feature to allow empty text posts with tags
+ Add Posting Tweaks option to automatically set “Send to Facebook” checkbox to off
! Fix issue with reblog as text feature running twice on some posts
! Move to jQuery 1.7.2 on all platforms

2.9.8 (2012-04-11)

+ Add option to hide quick reblog caption box
! Fix bug in 2.9.7 that caused some features to stop working correctly

2.9.7 (2012-04-11)

! Fix issue with lagging quick reblog on Chrome

2.9.6 (2012-04-09)

+ Enable mass deletion of blog posts ! Hide Twitter and Facebook checkboxes in quick reblog menu when those services not available
! Fix issue with quick reblog send to Twitter checkbox on even when forced off
! Fix Chrome-specific issue with quick reblog failure message showing up when it hasn’t failed

2.9.5 (2012-04-04)

! Fix problem importing older settings file into Firefox add-on

2.9.4 (2012-04-04)

+ Add support for captioning in quick reblog menu
+ Add ‘S’ shortcut key to select posts/messages for mass deletion
! Fix issue with extra post buttons not visible on Tumblr Share bookmarklet

2.9.3 (2012-04-04)

+ Add option for Facebook posting in quick reblog menu
! Fix issue with extra post buttons overlapping in new post creation page

2.9.2 (2012-04-03)

! Fix site integration in Safari extension

2.9.1 (2012-04-03)

! Fix problem with reply boxes disappearing when you click on them

2.9.0 (2012-04-03)

+ Complete integration with new Missing e website

2.8.1 (2012-04-03)

! Fix problem with reblog buttons not being added to posts for users with single blogs
! Localize timestamp load failure text for non-English users

2.8.0 (2012-04-01)

+ Add Ask Tweaks option to show entire Fan Mail messages (without clicking ‘Read More’ button)
+ Add ‘NEW’ indicator to new or updated options in the settings page
! Fix issue on Safari with post control icons showing up on top of Magnifier-enlarged images

2.7.16 (2012-03-19)

! Fix issue with post control buttons unuseable after replying to a post

2.7.15 (2012-03-19)

! Fix freeze page issue when attempting to reply to last post on a page when small dashboard icons option is activated
! Fix issue with quick (1-click) reblog menu account selector resetting preemptively

2.7.14 (2012-03-16)

! Fix problem with extra post buttons (draft, queue, private) on Tumblr share bookmarklet defaulting to publish on Firefox for Windows

2.7.13 (2012-03-16)

! Fix issue with bars for older bookmarks sometimes appearing at the top of secondary dashboard pages
! Increase Firefox compatibility to version 14.0a1

2.7.11 (2012-03-15)

+ Add Dashboard Tweaks option to restore dashboard post text controls (instead of icons)
! Disallow new line keypress in quick (1-click) reblog tags box

2.7.10 (2012-03-12)

! Increase size for quick (1-click) reblog tags box for easier tagging
! Fix issue with post control icons showing up over top of magnified images
! Improve fix for bookmark error page issue

2.7.9 (2012-03-09)

! Fix issue with quick (1-click) reblog reblogging/success icons not appearing

2.7.8 (2012-03-09)

+ Automatic tagging of reblogged posts
+ Add T keyboard shortcut to quick (1-click) reblogging to edit tags before reblogging
! Improve fix for bookmark error page issue
! Fix issue with some Goto Dash Post buttons loading error pages

2.7.7 (2012-03-09)

! Apply fixes to quick (1-click) reblogging icon display
! Improve fix for bookmark error page issue

2.7.6 (2012-03-08)

! Fix issue with some ‘Missing e’ bookmarks showing error pages
! Improve Tumblr’s font size limitation for HTML <big> tags

2.7.5 (2012-03-08)

! Fix layout error in options page

2.7.4 (2012-03-08)

! Fix issue with reply box being partially hidden when using reduced post control icons

2.7.3 (2012-03-08)

! Fix placement of quick (1-click) reblogging menu when using reduced post control icons

2.7.2 (2012-03-08)

! Fix display of animated icon for quick (1-click) reblogging

2.7.1 (2012-03-08)

+ Add option to reduce dashboard post icon size
! Fix icons for quick (1-click) reblogging to match new Tumblr dashboard post control buttons

2.7.0 (2012-03-07)

! Update all features for compatibility with new Tumblr dashboard post control buttons
! Reimplement reblog replies to use new Tumblr popover

2.6.14 (2012-03-07)

! Fix post note count display
! Begin changes to post icons to match new Tumblr post control icons

2.6.13 (2012-03-01)

+ Add icon replacement for publish button on posts
+ Add option in Ask Tweaks to add queue/publish buttons to submitted posts in the Tumblr unified inbox
! Fix issue where user is unable to change blog for Sidebar Tweaks added sidebar
! Make Tumblr highlighted posts take up full space when using widescreen, but not simplified highlighted posts option

2.6.12 (2012-02-29)

! Fix issue with quick (1-click) reblog appearing under some photo posts
! Minor style changes

2.6.11 (2012-02-28)

+ Add Sidebar Tweaks option to show all tracked tags in dashboard sidebar

2.6.10 (2012-02-28)

! Fix sidebar style changes to match new Tumblr styles
! Fix dashboard preview icons for non-photo, non-video posts
- Remove option to point ‘Following’ button to following list as it is now implemented by default

2.6.9 (not released)

+ Add separate option under Ask Tweaks for allowing photo replies to answered messages

2.6.8 (2012-02-24)

! Fix for Tumblr dashboard post reply nipple positioning

2.6.7 (2012-02-24)

+ Add E keyboard shortcut option in Dashboard Tweaks to edit current post
+ Add Shift+R keyboard shortcut to manually reblog current post when quick (1-click) reblogging is active
+ Add R keyboard shortcut to manually reblog current post when quick (1-click) reblogging is NOT active

2.6.6 (2012-02-23)

! Minor informational changes

2.6.5 (2012-02-23)

! Improve styling of dashboard post control buttons
! Show reblog reply success/failure indicators when not using post control icon replacement

2.6.4 (2012-02-23)

! Bookmarker, Reblog Yourself and Goto Dash Post now redirect to non-lite dashboard pages (with tracked tags, following button, etc)

2.6.3 (2012-02-23)

! Fix Tumblr layout problem that makes ‘like’ button unclickable on promotion highlighted posts

2.6.2 (2012-02-20)

! Minor code changes to comply with AMO rules

2.6.1 (2012-02-20)

- Remove update notification for Firefox add-on to comply with AMO rules
! Re-enable keyboard shortcuts after closing an ask box opened on the dash

2.6.0 (2012-02-17)

+ Add post notes count to notification preview (and show notification preview for all post types)

2.5.16 (2012-02-16)

+ Add update notification bubble to settings page
! Implement second part of fix for odd Chrome OS behaviour with Quick Reblog menu blog select box

2.5.15 (2012-02-16)

! Implement possible fix for odd Chrome OS behaviour with Quick Reblog menu blog select box

2.5.14 (2012-02-14)

! Fix issue with multiword tag not quick reblogging correctly from tag search page

2.5.13 (2012-02-14)

! Fix issue with Ask Tweaks answer submission

2.5.12 (2012-02-14)

! Fix issue with failing Quick Reblogs

2.5.11 (2012-02-10)

! Fix problem with some languages not getting usernames correctly for Post Crushes

2.5.10 (2012-02-10)

+ Add C keyboard shortcut for opening post comment/reply box
! Don’t perform page navigation on J/K keyboard shortcuts when meta keys also held down

2.5.9 (2012-02-09)

! Improve J/K keyboard navigation for non-endless scrolling dashboard by jumping to last post when navigating to previous page

2.5.8 (2012-02-09)

+ Add option to go to next/previous page when using J/K keyboard navigation when not using endless scrolling dashboard
+ Improve layout of ordered and unordered lists in dashboard posts
! Fix alignment of Quick Reblog menu

2.5.7 (2012-02-08)

! Show error message for Quick (1-click) Reblogging when daily post limit has been reached

2.5.6 (2012-02-07)

! Fix settings import for Firefox

2.5.5 (2012-02-06)

! Fix extra post button functionality in Tumblr Share bookmarklet for Firefox 10

2.5.4 (2012-02-06)

+ Add option for simplifying Tumblr “highlighted” posts
! Always show “Send to Twitter” checkbox for Tumblr blogs added for Reblog Yourself

2.5.3 (2012-02-03)

! Fix Tumblr’s new implementation of reblogging yourself to allow accounts with multiple blogs to reblog a post from a blog to itself

2.5.2 (2012-02-02)

! Fix issue with Better Reblogs tag reblogging not functioning when set to not automatically add tags

2.5.1 (2012-01-31)

! Don’t perform keyboard shortcuts when modifier keys (Shift, Alt, etc) are held

2.5.0 (2012-01-31)

+ Add keyboard shortcuts for Bookmarker and Quick Reblogging

2.4.14 (2012-01-31)

! Don’t reblog tags with quick reblogging feature if preferences set to not automatically reblog tags
! Fix Reply Replies formatting issue for users of Tumblr’s Rich Text Editor

2.4.13 (2012-01-29)

! Fix issue with multiple reblog buttons added to some posts
! Ensure photo/video post notification previews show up on top of other elements

2.4.12 (2012-01-27)

+ Add video post notification previews for Tumblr, Vimeo and YouTube videos
+ Restore timestamps for inbox messages
! Fix timestamp displays now that Tumblr implements local timestamps

2.4.11 (2012-01-24)

! No longer truncate text post titles when creating Reply Replies post for notes on text posts

2.4.10 (2012-01-24)

- Remove timestamps on inbox messages (no longer implementable due to Tumblr interface changes)
- Remove inline image uploader for answering asks, now being implemented by Tumblr
! Firefox hide add-on bar widget option now takes immediate effect

2.4.9 (2012-01-24)

! Fix display of post note counts higher than 1000 for Spanish, Russian and Polish dashboard users

2.4.8 (2012-01-23)

+ Add option in Firefox to hide ‘Missing e’ button in Firefox Add-On bar
! Ensure correct styling for Quick Reblogging menu entries on Firefox

2.4.7 (2012-01-23)

! Fix Ask Tweaks issue with extra post buttons not showing when hovering over “Publish” button

2.4.6 (2012-01-23)

! Fix Safe Dash issues with removing top bar in lined-paper Fan Mail and album art in audio posts
! Enhance readability in settings page

2.4.5 (2012-01-21)

! Enhance readability of settings page

2.4.4 (2012-01-20)

! Fix a number of issues relating to new Safe Dash implementation

2.4.1 (2012-01-20)

+ Fix widescreen issue with new Safe Dash implementation (paragraphs not using up whole post width)

2.4.0 (2012-01-20)

+ Photo post notification preview added to Dashboard Tweaks
+ Add Safe Dash setting to enable revealing photosets all at once
! Improve performance of Safe Dash
! Restyling settings page

2.3.16 (2012-01-20)

! Fix pre-loading of “don’t expand/minimize all thumbnail” option on Safari
! Update Mass Editor Tweaks screenshot

2.3.15 (2012-01-16)

! Fix layout problem with “block” button running into count of number of notes on posts in tag search result pages

2.3.14 (2012-01-13)

! Fix issue in which updating to version 2.3.12/2.3.13 temporarily caused issue with incorrectly displayed dashboard button replacement icons

2.3.13 (2012-01-12)

! Fix bug introduced in 2.3.12 that turned Safe Dash on always for photo post images

2.3.12 (2012-01-12)

! Improve speed of post loading by performing icon replacement faster
! Display timestamps for unanswered and privately-answered asks in correct timezone

2.3.11 (2012-01-10)

+ Add option for always showing “Let people answer this” checkbox in new posts
! Change internal URL references from http://missinge.infraware.ca to http://missing-e.com

2.3.10 (2012-01-08)

! Add Mass Editor Tweaks select button to specific-month pages of the Mass Editor
! Fix bug introduced in version 2.3.7 that slows down endless scrolling dashboard

2.3.9 (2012-01-08)

+ Add option to reduce size of Fan Mail messages in the Tumblr inbox
! Fix for reply to Fan Mail popup unable to close
! Fix problem with mass deletion of Fan Mail messages sent to multiple blogs

2.3.8 (2012-01-07)

! Fix for Fan Mail popup unable to close on Tumblr inbox page
! Add Ask Tweaks mass deletion support for Fan Mail messages
! Widescreen, slim sidebar adjustments for Tumblr Fan Mail button

2.3.7 (2012-01-06)

+ Add option for 40x40 pixel avatar size in Reply Replies
+ Add selection button for private posts and next 100 posts in Mass Editor Tweaks
! Change option for expanding all inline images in a post together to an opt-out of now default Tumblr interface behaviour
! Improve loading speed for page style changes
! Fix bug in Sidebar Tweaks default account when importing ‘Missing e’ settings in Firefox
! Prevent error output when using a tab in which ‘Missing e’ settings have been loaded to navigate to other pages
! Fix bug with some Firefox users unable to add/remove bookmarks
! Fix alignment issue for close button on ‘Missing e’ modal boxes
! Remove deprecated Magnifier retries setting
! Remove Posting Tweaks photo URL / upload photo toggler (now implemented in standard Tumblr interface)

2.3.6 (2011-12-27)

! Improved sanitization of injected HTML

2.3.5 (2011-12-27)

! ‘Missing e’ bookmarks now preserved when clearing browser cache and local storage data
! Compatibility fix for interaction with Tumblr Helper extension
! Improved sanitization of injected HTML

2.3.4 (2011-12-21)

! Replace assignments to DOM node innerHTML properties with more efficient/secure alternatives

2.3.3 (2011-12-13)

! Fix Reply Replies issue on Firefox with post body showing up as ‘null’
! Improve performance of Reply Replies and Post Crushes feature when opening multiple tabs at the same time
! Fix transparent text problem in quick reblog menu tag input box

2.3.2 (2011-12-10)

! Fix non-functioning extension on RockMelt browser
! Fix hiding of new post icons for custom themes using Stylish (Firefox-only bug)

2.3.1 (2011-12-10)

! Fix issue with Firefox settings for Ask Fixes, Dashboard Fixes and Posting Fixes being reset

2.3.0 (2011-12-10)

+ Add “delete” button option for secondary Tumblr permalink post pages
+ Enable photo magnification for drafts and queued posts
! Add reblog button to ask post permalink pages when Better Reblogs ask reblogging option is on but Reblog Yourself is off
! Load correct images with Magnifier for posts that have had images replaced
! Extend sidebar adding to paginated dashboard pages
! Re-run tags AJAX request when dequeueing it (Chrome-only bug)
! Fix bug that prevented retrying when initially failing to get reblog keys for Reblog Yourself or ask reblogging in Better Reblogs (Firefox-only bug)
! Fix resizable rich-text editor (Firefox-only bug)
! Prevent multiple sortable notes buttons being added to posts after sending an ask using the ask box on dashboard feature (Chrome/Firefox bug)
! Prevent multiple added elements from being injected into page
! Move to common source code base for all platforms

2.2.18 (2011-11-22)

! Fix Polish messages/post deletion confirm message

2.2.17 (2011-11-21)

! Fix incorrect blockquote attribution when reblogging asks from permalink pages
! Prevent reblog replies from adding multiple buttons

2.2.16 (2011-11-21)

! Prevent left and right arrow navigation when using tags input field for Quick Reblogging and Ask Tweaks, as well as renaming bookmarks
! Implement overriding of Firefox Stylish hiding of notification type icons for Reply Replies
! Reblog tags option in Safari set to be active by default (to match other platforms)
! Change software license to GPL v3

2.2.15 (2011-11-18)

! Fixed JSON format error in localization file that caused ‘Missing e’ for Firefox not to start up

2.2.14 (2011-11-18)

! Fixed some translations for Polish localization

2.2.13 (2011-11-17)

+ Enable settings exporting and importing using files
+ Add Shuffle Queue button to Dashboard Tweaks
+ Add Polish language localization
! Force default language to English when correct localization does not exist
! Localize text for Post Crushes button
! Fix sortable notes not sorting by username
! Fix issue in which Mass Editor Tweaks cannot select Chat posts
! Fix adding of edit button on sub-Tumblr permalink pages (Safari)

2.2.12 (2011-11-07)

! Fix sizing of Facebook features notification bar for widescreen

2.2.11 (2011-11-06)

+ Add reblogging of Ask posts
! Fix incorrect calculation of daylight savings time for Timestamps

2.2.8 (2011-11-01)

! Fix Timestamps issue with posts less than a week old, but in a previous month, having dates reported incorrectly.

2.2.7 (2011-10-27)

+ Added Russian language localization
! Fix problem with features not running on Tumblelog pages (URLs changed from “/tumblelog” to “/blog”)

2.2.4 (2011-10-16)

! Fix askbox on dashh feature when on /inbox or /messages pages
! Fix issue where Magnifier and Bookmarker not running on pages with URLs ending in trailing slashes

2.2.2 (2011-10-14)

+ Sortable notes in dashboard posts
+ Draggable askbox on dashboard
! Do not insert avatar magnifier on queued posts (where no avatar actually present)
! Fix issue with some features not running on posts loaded with endless scrolling dashboard when quant.js blocked by browser
! Reblog tags when right-clicking and opening reblog in new tab
! Update jQuery UI to 1.8.16

2.2.0 (2011-10-12)

! Fix tag reblogging (Tumblr implementation was changed to not reblog tags anymore)
! Fix Chrome-only issue with edit button clicks not registering correctly on queued posts

2.1.12 (2011-10-06)

! Fix layout for inline “+ Upload Photo” uploader in Tumblr Share bookmarklet

2.1.11 (2011-10-04)

! Update Firefox version compatibility to 10.0a

2.1.8 (2011-09-30)

! Fix issue with mass delete options not correctly styled in drafts/queue when Ask Fixes mass delete feature not enabled
! Fix Chrome on Mac issue where mass delete checkboxes appear truncated

2.1.5 (2011-09-22)

! Fix slim sidebar layout for spotlight blogs
! Implement jump to post when click on bookmark for post currently loaded on the page

2.1.3 (2011-09-13)

! Correctly unhide iframe content in Safe Dash

2.1.1 (2011-09-08)

! Fix issue with reblog as text feature running twice on some posts

2.1.0 (2011-09-08)

! Fix issue with manual quick reblogging adding extra blank tag to beginning of tags
! Improve implementation of showing queue post sorting icons
! Renaming some features
! Allow overriding of tags when manually reblogging from quick reblog menu
! Prevent j/k navigation when editing bookmark labels

2.0.9 (2011-09-01)

! Fix Sidebar Tweaks added sidebar option (broken by change in Tumblr backend)
! Fixes to Spanish localization

2.0.7 (2011-08-26)

+ Add automatic tagging of posts queued from quick reblog menu

2.0.5 (2011-08-25)

+ Restore Timestamps feature lost at version 2.0.0
+ Automatic tagging of queued posts
+ Mass delete feature for draft and queued posts
+ Add Spanish localization

2.0.4 (2011-08-23)

! Fix “+ Upload Photo” uploader in Firefox

2.0.2 (2011-08-22)

! Improve fix for “+ Upload Photo” uploader

2.0.1 (2011-08-17)

! Fix “+ Upload Photo” uploader (broken by change in Tumblr backend)

2.0.0 (2011-08-13)

- Remove Timestamps feature for posts *(restored in version 2.0.5), keep timestamps for unanswered asks
- Remove hide radar feature
- Remove Unfollower feature (see note)
- Remove Follow Checker feature (see note)
! Remove max font size feature (now implemented rather heavy-handedly by Tumblr)
! Remove all uses of Tumblr API (alternate implementations developed for ALL features except Timestamps)
! Fix Safe Dash background alignment for photoset posts
! Prevent j/k navigation when tagging ask posts
! Prevent j/k navigation when using quick reblogging menu
! Fix tag wrapping feature (broken by new Tumblr tags implementation)
! Adapt tag reblogging feature to new Tumblr tag reblogging implementation (allow control)

1.7.6 (2011-07-26)

+ Resizable rich text post editor boxes
! Extend hide radar feature to cover Tumblr promos